C and C++ Training and Outsourcing

C and C++ Training Services


We are Clear Programming Paradigm LLC, an IT consultancy company from Belgrade Serbia, focused on providing professional-grade C and C++ training courses for corporate clients. We are experienced in training teams from the automotive, telecommunications, and embedded industries. We understand it can be challenging to find C and C++ developers on the market. Through our C and C++ training for teams, we aim at solving this problem.


Our second main activity is C and C++ outsourcing. We are experienced in creating, maintaining, and improving large C and C++ frameworks. Our expertise includes the following:

  • C++ Outsourcing
  • Embedded development using C++
  • Large C++ codebase maintenance
  • New product feature development using C++
  • Trading platforms maintenance
  • WinAPI interfaces
  • Backend frameworks
  • Bug fixing and quality assurance
  • Code reviews
  • Software architecture
  • Research and development
  • C++ code refactoring
  • C Outsourcing
  • Embedded development using C
  • Large C codebase maintenance
  • Firmware development
  • Drivers development
  • Linux interfaces
  • Backend frameworks
  • Quality assurance
  • Code reviews
  • Software architecture
  • Research and development
  • Migrating from C to C++
Slobodan Dmitrovic - C++ Trainer and Consultant

The Founder

Slobodan Dmitrovic is a professional C++ trainer and consultant for some major automotive and telecommunications companies worldwide. He is an experienced conference speaker and author of a couple of programming books on C and C++. Slobodan’s ability to clearly explain complex topics and provide insightful training, has made him a sought-after trainer for the automotive, telecommunications, and other IT-related industries.

Slobodan provides introductory, intermediate, and advanced C and C++ courses. He is focused on establishing a systematic yet easy-to-follow approach when training C and C++ to corporate clients.

Contact Us

Contact us by email at contact@cppsrc.com or by phone at +381640763031.